The GetUP! Foundation

Graydon S. Harmon

In honor of his courage. 1970-1977

Formed in 2013 in honor of Gracin’s Uncle Graydon, the Get UP! Foundation is dedicated to lifting the hearts of children facing adversity in any aspect of their life. Born with a congenital heart defect, Graydon inspired many people around him through his unwavering spirit and commitment to “get up and go” by making the very most of an adverse situation.

In his brief 7 years of life, he exemplified the power we have within us to make a difference. In fact, Team GDR believes Graydon is riding every lap with Gracin and his brother Kole because he was the type of child that wouldn’t want to miss out on the action of racing.

At the core of Get UP! is the belief that we must believe in ourselves, be accountable for our behavior, and make a difference in the lives of others. The Get UP! Foundation is committed to lifting one heart at a time!

GetUP! Foundation
I will embrace laughter during times of challenge.
I will extend friendship in good and hard times.
I will extend grace to others because I, too, am learning.
I will be relentless in pursuit of my dreams.
I will increase my determination when someone suggests “I can’t.”
I will always believe in my possibility.
I will live each day like it is my last.

Our hearts are kept whole when we reach deep within our soul and lift up the potential within us.

GRACIN RAZ CHALLENGES DRIVERS – Creates the Get UP! Driver’s Program

In March 2013, Gracin was inspired by the story of his weight training coach after learning about the challenges his family was experiencing supporting their young son facing CP. As a result, Gracin turned to his racing to make a difference and committed to donating 100% of his first, professional race earnings to the Watts Family, which he delivered on one month later. By the end of Gracin’s 2013 season, he had donated close to $1000 to two families in an effort to lift their hearts.

In 2014, Gracin raced for five children and donated close to $1500. He also created the Get UP! Driver’s Program, where three of his closest friends from the Northwest (Tristan Haider, Chance Crum and Alex Peck) committed to lifting hearts through their respective race programs. To learn more about these outstanding young drivers making a difference, see the Get UP! Foundation Facebook page or the Get UP! Foundation.