Gracin Raz was heading into his final practice lap of the 2017 Fall Classic at the Bullring in Las Vegas, Nevada when a car in front of him lost an engine and laid down oil in Raz’s path. The end result was a totalegracin5d car and devastating blow to the first generation driver.

As Raz and his family began to pack up and return to Oregon, Raz was invited to race the No. 20 for Stan Mullis. Due to the driver change, Raz was required to start at the back of the field with used tires in a car and a track he had never raced. After rolling off P24, Raz finished the race P4 and left no doubt about his talent to wheel a car.

“After our car hit the wall in gracin4practice and I saw the damage, I knew we were done and all I could think about was my dad, who had worked so hard giving me a great car. I truly thought we were done and when we got the call to race the No. 20, I was beyond excited and knew I was given a great chance to show what I was capable of. The No. 20 Team was awesome to work with and could not have made the entire experience better.”

Raz’s focus now moves to 2018 where he anticipates racing at many of the large super late model events on the West Coast.