Las Vegas, Nevada

At the Bullring Fall Classic in 2018, Gracin Raz took the white lap as the leader of the filed after a dominating performance. Chasing Raz from behind was Jeremy Doss, who put an aggressive move to the back corner of Raz and required him to back off in order to collect his car. Raz had to settle for second. One year later, Raz once again was setting the tone for the field. Sitting P2 at the break, Raz’s team discovered a tire coming apart and he had to go to the back of the field after getting it changed. Raz was able to get back up to P6 early in the second half when another tire issue surfaced and required him to pull off with about 25 to go.

“We were lookin’ pretty sporty tonight, ” said Raz. “It’s tough to be so close back to back years and have a tire not perform as you would expect, but this is part of the deal and we will be back with the goal of being another threat to the field in 2020.”

The Fall Classic at the Bullring attracts some of the best drivers along the West Coast and this year’s winner was Preston Peltier. Raz will be back on track early in 2020.